83/365 – Relaxation

*Saturday, August 20 – Cumberland Lake

I had a super busy (but wonderful) weekend, so I am playing catch up a bit, yet again. Saturday morning I got up early and hopped in the car with a friend to head to his family’s cabin. We spent the entire day on Lake Cumberland, just sitting around and swimming in the water and then tubing and such. It was such a great, and much needed day of just relaxing.

66/365 – Duck

*Wednesday, August 3 – Rocky Mountain National Park (Bierstadt Lake)

On Wednesday we decided we needed a short hike and a relaxing day since we were planning on hiking up Longs Peak the next day. We had wanted to go to Bear Lake, but the line for the shuttle to the trail head was extremely long so we thought it would be more enjoyable to go to the less popular Bierstadt Lake. We found a great little spot to sit right next to the lake, and we were able to walk in the water a little bit since there was a little natural beach area. Most of us just sat on the rocks and read, ate some lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and view. This duck swam up to us at one point and I was able to get within feet of her for some pictures. She just went right on preening as if I wasn’t there.

I obviously had pictures of the beautiful scenery and what not, but I wanted to keep my 365 diverse. I don’t want to have a week of landscape shots every single day.