35/365 – Boathouse

Well, not every shot of this 365 can be great I guess. Tonight I chose to be social and have a great night with friends rather than make a great image. My friend had a gig at the Boathouse, which is such a cool little spot I wish I would have known about before. We were hanging out tonight until close to 3:00 am. And when I got home, I decided I really didn’t want to miss a day so I should edit at 3:00am, when I just want to go to bed. I am sure I will look at my editing job tomorrow and be confused as to what I was thinking.

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303/365 – Paper writing setup

Today has been insanely busy, and I totally forgot/didn’t have time to take a picture until just now, at 1 am. I am currently writing a paper that is due tomorrow, and will be working on it for a while still, so this is all I could manage for a picture today. Lame, yes, but it is a real documentation of my life tonight.

109/365 – Many Mini

I just finished all my stuff that is due tomorrow. Now that I am thinking about it, I might as well have just waited until tomorrow to upload this, but it is the principle of it all, and I feel better knowing it is done (I am crazy, I am aware).

I was walking home from work today and was just kind of taking pictures as I saw things. These little were growing at the edge of the parking lot by where I work. There was one other similar one that I could not decided between for the life of me, so I picked the lowest number. I may upload the other one as well…