241/365 – Bamboo

**Catching up now that I have photoshop again…

Tuesday 9-7

My roommate, Whitney, bought some bamboo a bit ago, and she puts it on the kitchen table occasionally. When I got back from class on Tuesday night it was there and I didn’t have a picture yet so I figured it would make for something interesting.

224/365 – The Beginning

Well, sadly another kind of lame picture for today. I had a somewhat busy day (which included meeting with the bride of my first wedding that I am shooting!), and just forgot until late that I didn’t have a picture.

Before I left MN my mom broke off this branch of her plant, and wrapped the base in a wet paper towel so that it would grow roots and I could have my own plant. So, for now it is sitting in its future pot waiting to grow roots.

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219/365 – Ants!

This may not be the strongest photograph in terms of composition, but while I was going through the hundred or so pictures that I took tonight I just knew immediately that this had to be my 365. Even though it grosses me out, ha.

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202/365 – We’re Still Fighting It

After a 13 hour drive I am finally back in Minnesota!!! December was the last time I was here, and it feel so good to be back, if only for 2 weeks.

So, now that I am done with class (for a few weeks at least) I am going to majorly play catch up and get all caught up on my 365, 52 week (although i may not use my self-portrait studio project for that anymore, I think it was getting to repetitive. Thoughts?), and other miscellaneous pictures. I am going to just post any “outtakes” that I like with the main shot to keep things more simple and to keep the number of posts down. Also, the majority of them (if not all) were simply taken while out shooting for my studio project.

I wasn’t quite tired enough (despite the 13 hour drive today) to go to bed when the rest of my family did, so I decided to get at least one picture posted. As soon as I opened this folder and saw this leave it reminded me of the Ben Fold’s song “We’re Still Fighting It” (which has the cutest video). Here are the chorus lyrics, because they are pretty applicable right now:

“Everybody knows
It hurts to grow up
And everybody does
It’s so weird to be back here
Let me tell you what
The years go on and
We’re still fighting it, we’re still fighting it
And you’re so much like me
I’m sorry”

And the other option since I couldn’t decide.

185/365 – Grasshopper

Elliot had the day off yesterday so we went to McConnell Springs for a bit. We had the place to ourselves except for a couple of minutes when a group of young guys walked past. It is such a great little place, and right in an industrial area. I liked quite a few, so more to come.

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104/365 – New Glow

Today is a day of a bunch of random thoughts. So, prepare yourself if you choose to read on.

I wish leaves could stay this bright green color year round. I love it more than I can explain.

I love when I take a ton of pictures for the day, and when going through to select one to edit, one just immediately jumps out at me and I get super excited about it.

Earlier today I was thinking about my photographs, and I started getting really frustrated. I was sick of taking pictures of normal, every day things. I wanted something exciting and beautiful and extraordinary. I was feeling totally uninspired and almost didn’t want to take a picture today. But then on the drive home from school the clouds were stunning, and i walked out in my front yard, and looked up, and saw this. And I was completely satisfied with taking pictures of “mundane” things, because, maybe it’s just me, but this isn’t so mundane. I think it is pretty darn incredible and beautiful. It is incredible how God (yes, I give all credit to him) gives me inspiration when I need it the most.

Sorry about the long “rant” of sorts, it needed to come out.

Oh, and this is late because my school was playing Avatar for free in the student center. I couldn’t pass that up.

70/365 – Stand Tall

Time to play catch up from the weekend. On friday we woke up at 5 and started driving to NC for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding (well, the rehearsal dinner on Friday). I wasn’t really expecting to be able to get any pictures this weekend (especially Friday after our 8 hour drive), but we had some time once we arrived at the barn/cabin/wedding location so I wandered around the grounds and took a few shots. I will be uploading more from Friday, as well as the rest of the weekend.

I don’t know why but I just love this picture. It really isn’t all that special, but it just stands out to me for some reason.