It’s the small things.

This picture was taken while I was back home in MN for my surgery, but I needed to upload something to let you all know where I have been (in terms of my lack of posting).

Earlier this summer I had downloaded the trial version of CS5, because my old version didn’t support the RAW files of my new camera. Well my trial version ran out, and I was in the middle of trying to wrap up my project for my summer independent study, and so I screwed around and somehow managed to get another trial version. Well, that trial version ran out on Saturday. I am currently trying to figure out how to pay for a full version, or figure out something else. Since I shoot everything in RAW, I can’t exactly do anything with all of the pictures I have taken the past few days. I am hoping that by tonight I will have CS5 again, and therefore start getting caught up on everything. I shot my first wedding on Saturday, and so I will be getting some of those pictures up, and then my usual 365 shots.

Falling this behind and not being able to edit pictures is driving me completely insane.

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218/365 – Summer Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of my favorite things about summer. I could eat it almost (if not every) every night. I was outside on my parent’s patio shucking the corn, and looked up into the big locust tree and immediately knew I wanted a picture of the corn with that as the background.

I also took a different approach to editing this. I read somewhere today that you should never edit the same way twice. Which is sort of what I do, constantly. I have my saved presets in curves and things like that, and obviously I tweak for each specific photograph, but I haven’t really tried anything new lately. So, I took a few new approaches to this one, and absolutely love it. Enjoy!

Oh, and, I really wish corn started with an “s” so that I could have had triple alliteration.

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