107/366 – Collection

When my oldest brother (who is now 29) was little he would collect agates (and many other rocks for that matter). Most are in jars in my parents’ garage or have been put back in the ground, but my mom kept a handful in his old room.

Oh, and my brother is now a geologist, so all of his rock collecting days make sense.
And, for some reason my 366 has been about memories for the past few days or so, this one especially.

105/366 – happy place

This view is one of my favorite parts of my parents’ home.

In the spring the seeds from the cottonwood trees float everywhere like a warm snow. The new leaves and growing grass glow in the evening light. It calms me more than anything else seems to be able to.

350/365 – Memories

I have known that I wanted my picture on Christmas day to be of my baby ornament for weeks. So here you go, my “baby’s first Christmas” ornament.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have had as wonderful of a day as I have!

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214/365 – Childhood Returned

This is such a great example of why I love my MN friends so much. A small group of us got together to play volleyball at the park, like we often do, but when people didn’t show, Charlie pulled a slip ‘n slide out of his trunk along with a hose. They got it set up and started sliding around without hesitation. Since I just had surgery I just had to watch and take pictures, which I was completely content with.

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175/365 – Fireworks

In Lexington they light off fireworks on the third of July. Elliot, a coworker of his, and I drove went downtown to watch, but were late and so we just caught the end. They were pretty lame fireworks, they just fizzled out at the end; no grand finale at all.

I never realized how much fireworks remind me of home. It made me so homesick standing on a sidewalk downtown Lexington watching the fireworks. I should have been on a small beach on the St. Croix River  with a bonfire and all my friends watching fireworks on the third. I still had a good time, but goodness it made me anxious to get home.