118/366 – Pile

I want on a kind of spur of the moment photo adventure with some friends this afternoon. We walked through some woods, got muddy feet, washed them in a fountain, and walked along a lake. And the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a nearly perfect day.

I had quite a few shots I really liked, and that were more “me” but I really liked the lines and texture in this one.

35/366 – Frost Snow

I spent the night at my sister’s house in Minneapolis last night, and when we woke up to go get breakfast we discovered it had snowed just a tiny bit over night. It was such a frost like snow and was really beautiful. Plus this winter has been such a lame winter that any bit of snow is exciting to me.

I wish I could start every morning with fresh snow.

74/365 – Sister

*I stayed at my sister’s house last night, and their internet is a bit rough and couldn’t handle my photographs being uploaded, so I am a day late on this.

Tonight I drove to Minneapolis to hang out with me sister, and after eating some dinner we went to watch the Twin Cities River Rats. The River Rats are a group of water skiers that compete in shows and have tons of crazy tricks and routines. During the summer they put a show on every Thursday night right on the Mississippi RIver in Minneapolis. Tons of people come out with their lawn chairs and blankets, and they have an announcer that explains the tricks and tells stories of the team. It was such an amazing time; it is a must see for anyone that lives in the Twin Cities.

My sister has been bugging me (jokingly) about being in my 365 for quite a while. So tonight while we were walking back I saw the bridge behind her head and thought it would be a good opportunity. So, to my wonderful sister, congratulations on making my 365!