271/366 – Setting

Holy crud I am behind. I am determined to finish this project at some point though…

*Friday, October 12
Friday I woke up and had a day full of sessions and lectures at SPE in Cincinnati. It was really an informative, great day. That night there was a gallery hop, and the light as we walked around was beautiful. I’m not much of a street photographer, so these were a bit out of my comfort zone, but I really love how this one turned out.Shot with my OM2 on Kodak Gold film.

204/366 – Bread and Chocolate

I had just a few frames left on a roll in my OM-2, so at breakfast with my sister this morning I grabbed a shot. Bread and Chocolate was the name of the little cafe we ate at, and it was so delicious.

117/366 – Olympus

The newest member of my camera family. Thanks to my fiance getting it for free from a friend of his. Maybe it is a good thing he doesn’t shoot film…

I haven’t really been able to shoot with it yet. There was a roll of film in it when I got it, but it only had about 5 frames left so I fired them off quick before bringing some other rolls in.