55/365 – Oranges and Lemons

Creative title I know. I was lacking all sorts of creativity today though. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to take pictures of at all today. But I was craving something fresh (I am basically a fruit addict. I can’t go for very long with out fresh fruit or I go crazy) and so I went to the grocery store and took a few pictures while I was there. I may upload a few, although I don’t really love any of them at the moment

10/365 – Oranges

For todays picture I was really trying to think in terms of colors. I had bought some oranges a bit ago that really needed eating. My color theory knowledge kicked in and I remembered that my boyfriend has some dark blue plates. I decided it could make for an interesting shot. Luckily it was just the right time of day and the sun was coming through the window in his kitchen, and so I peeled some oranges, and set up a mini studio (a terrible one though) in the kitchen. It was a frustrating shoot, my camera was not cooperating, and the “studio” was seriously lacking. But, I managed to get this one that I liked.