212/365 – Surgery

Well I had surgery this morning at 8:00am. I desperately wanted to stay on top of my 365 for a while, and so while they were prepping me for surgery I took a couple of pictures of my IV. And I edited the picture and am writing this while on oxycodone. I have also been editing engagement pictures (from the engagement session forever ago) all day, so those could be interesting. But, I am not supposed to walk much for a couple of days still so editing pictures is what I will be occupying my time with. I apologize if I post a million things in the next few days.

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117/365 – Cyst

Is this picture artistic? No.     Is it interesting? Not really.       Is it relevant to my life at the moment? Absolutely.

I debated putting this picture up, because it is not necessarily a strong photography. But this project is partly to somewhat document things for a year, and this is something that is part of my life at the moment. Especially today, since it was one of the painful days. It is going to be a hard summer….