I finally made time for a self-portrait that I have had in mind for months now. The light was just right and so I grabbed my camera and tripod, covered myself in paint, slapped on my new fake eye lashes, and started shooting. I ended up with a few that I was really happy with, and may share at some point.


340/366 – Painting

Lately I have been questioning what exactly my 366 is. I had a few of my professors and fellow grads ask about it this past semester, and it made me rethink the purpose behind this project. I know it is almost over, so it will mostly impact future 365 projects (if that happens), but it has also made me wrestle with what I am shooting these days. Today I opted to simply document what my day was spent doing.

And happy New Year’s Eve everyone!


4/365 – Strange Life

I had the idea of pouring oil into water for a picture for quite a while, and this evening I set up a mini studio to do so while my roommate sat and looked on. We decided there wasn’t enough contrast between the oil and water, so I was going to add food coloring to the water, but she wondered what would happen with acrylic paint. Well, needless to say, we got some pretty awesome results. I will most likely be uploading more of these because they were just awesome.

268/365 – Squeegees

This is last night’s picture, but I was working on a paper all night and didn’t remember to upload.

These are the squeegees that we use in my printmaking class. Not all that interesting especially after yesterday’s picture, but I still like it so it’s ok.

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47/365- Mixing Brown

Sorry this is a day late, I didn’t have my computer with me all day and didn’t get home until very very late and was exhausted. My friend Susannah was about to mix the brown that we needed for our sepia tone value painting in class, and she got all the colors on the palette knife and said “Quick! Look, wouldn’t this make a great picture?” So I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a few for my 365. Thank goodness I have a friend looking out for shots for me. I am not the biggest fan of how this turned out, but hey, it is something.

46/365 – Watercolors

I pulled out the water colors to use on the handmade “idea book” that I have to do for my Art in Elementary Schools class. It is really a nice break from the oil paint that I am using in studio, so much easier and more simple. I really need to get a white cloth or poster or something to cover the table I usually shoot on. I laid down 4 sheets of card stock for this shot, but it is just a pain and really limits me. I do have a few more that I think I may like, so I may post those at some point in the near future.