247/366 – Pancakes Bananas Foster

The past few days have been crazy busy; grad school finally feels like grad school.

*Wednesday, September 12

Wednesday afternoon I met up with a fellow blogger, Laurie,  who happens to live in Manhattan as well. Laurie runs an adorable bed and breakfast here, called The Morning Star. We walked to a restaurant downtown called The Chef Cafe, which was delicious. Fluffy pancakes with pecan dark rum syrup, bananas, and pecans; it was a great way to start my day.

254/365 – Strawberries and Pumpkin

Yum. My parents discovered this pumpkin pancake mix, and have sent me a few boxes, and I must say I love it. It is so delicious. Well Whitney and I made some the other day and had tons of left overs, so this afternoon after class I thought I would treat myself to a nice breakfast (well, lunch really). I had bought strawberries yesterday, and cut up a ton of them to put on my pumpkin pancakes. It was incredible.

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