169/366 – Drive

*Friday, October 10
Yesterday I drove from Kansas to Kentucky. I left when it was still dark and saw the sun come up. There were so many times that I wanted to stop and take some photographs, but I was determined to get to KY asap so that I could see my fiance and so stopping was not an option.
Both images were taken with my phone. The left was in Kansas, and the right in Indiana.

212/366 – Hall

*Monday, August 6
Monday was moving day. I couldn’t check in until 10am though, so I took my family to campus to show them my studio building while we waited. All I had with me was my phone unfortunately, so I grabbed this quick while we walked around.

192/365 – Grass Clippings

Today was such an excellent day. Elliot and I went to a jazz concert at a park here in Lexington, where we got rained on and got to watch absolutely incredible clouds blow over. We then headed to the arboretum to take pictures for my studio project (the self-portraits), and walked around for a little there, again watching some of the most amazing clouds I have seen (at least all this summer). I may upload some pictures of the sky later on, even though I also did that yesterday. They were just too good to pass up.

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21/52 – No need for rescue

I thought and thought and thought about a title, but all I could think of was lame, one word titles which I hated. So, for now, it is untitled.

I took this a bit go, it was for my self-portrait studio shoot. It doesn’t really work for my project any more though. I was still using lighting at this point, there was one Dyna light to the left of the camera, at around a 45 degree angle I believe (I cannot remember exactly).

120/365 – Countryside

I am in such a rut photography wise. It is really frustrating. I am fighting with it, but losing ground. I kind of want a break, but I don’t want to give up on my 365. And I feel like pushing through this will help me out in the long run.

I went for a drive today, in search of something to take pictures of. I got a decent number that I really liked and was excited about it. Then, when I got home and went to look at them all, I realized that I hadn’t changed my shutter speed back down from the high-speed stuff I was doing earlier. So they were all noisy and such. I managed to get something usable out of a couple though.