88/366 – Diamond Knuckles

Yesterday I worked from 8-3, and then got in my boyfriend’s car and drove 13 hours to Lexington. I didn’t have much chance for a picture so this was what I could manage.

My boyfriend and I joked about him proposing with brass knuckles, and yesterday he surprised me with this. Which is fake proposal number….6?

88/366 - Diamond Knuckles by aithom2

8/52 – Holga

2 posts in one day, crazy. But, it is that point in the week…self portrait time. I bought my holga not even half a year ago. For those of you who don’t know, a holga is a super (and I do mean super) cheap film camera. It is classified as a toy camera. It has an all plastic body, and because of this it has lots of variability with light leaks and such. It also allows for lots and lots of modifications, which I haven’t yet had a chance to play with really. I love it, and would love to use it. But, film costs money. Lots, and lots of money. I miss film in general, and unfortunately it will likely be a long long time before I can get back into it. Hopefully one day though.