230/365 – The Magician’s Secret.

I seem to be perpetually a day behind on my project lately. I don’t take a picture until evening, and then I am always doing something at night, which prevents me from having time to edit and post. So I apologize for that, and I will try to do better (but I am not making any promises, it is after all my senior year of college).

This glass bottle was given to me by Whitney (my roommate who has been such an incredible help to my 365 as of late). I told her I was starting a glass collection and she pulled this out for me, I love it! I was trying to think of something to take a picture of and I thought of the bubbly shape of the bottle, and the bubbles I had sitting on the table, and immediately connected them. I recruited the help of both my roommates for this. I had them both blowing bubbles d the glass so I could have a ton, and half unpoppable, half normal.

Yes, I realize it is extremely similar to the bubble pictures I took earlier in the summer, except for the glass bottle. But, I stil like it, so that is good right?

Also, as for the title, I have no clue where it came from. I pulled up the “new post” screen and clicked in the title box, and the first thing to pop into my head was “the magician’s secret.” It means nothing, to me at least. I am not even the least bit interested in magician’s or magic, so who knows how my mind works.

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229/365 – Water Balloons

I had been wanting to try this for such a long time, and yesterday I finally had a chance! I was inspired by the Christian Student Fellowship’s mission of bringing back the record of the world’s largest water balloon fight. This will be the third year they have held this event, and each year has been bigger. We held the record from last year’s fight, but a college this summer beat it. CSF had already been planning on having the water balloon fight again this year, but now there is the new goal of bringing back the record. It goes down tonight, at 11:55, so we will see what happens.

My lovely roommate Whitney helped me out with this adventure. We looked like little kids sitting in the front yard filling up water balloons, each with a wrist of silly bands on. We rigged up a little stand to hold the water balloons (which involved an old tripod, a stick, duct tape, rubber bands, and a chip clip. Whitney then used Elliot’s BB gun that he has left at my house to shoot the balloons. We had such a blast doing this, and have thought up some other ideas for a little series of balloons!

I am pretty pleased with the results, except for the high ISO I had to use. I think next time I either brave the intense sun or use a flash.

One final note: I liked most of the ones we did, and so I am just going to post them here instead of spamming with another post. The first one is the one that I have selected as my main 365 though.

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And here are the rest.

This one was one of the first ones that I took, and I still didn’t have my shutter speed high enough which is why it is slightly blurred. But I still liked it so I am including it.

226/365 – Jones Soda

I am not much of a soda drinker (yes, I am a northerner and I say “soda”), but I absolutely love Jones Soda, and every once in a while (like once a year) I buy some. I bought some last night, and while I was driving this evening I got the image of the bottle on Elliot’s deck railing. I drove home from dropping off some photographs for a contest, grabbed my camera, and raced the setting sun to Elliot’s apartment so I could get me shot.

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191/365 – Explosion!

Tonight around 7:30pm the sky turned black. It looked like night outside, except I could see the edge of the cloud, where it was lighter, just past my house. It then got darker, and stayed dark for a while, with lots of thunder. Finally is started raining, and I mean really raining. It was basically coming sideways. But me being who I am NEEDED to go outside in it, so I threw on my rain jacket, wrapped my camera in plastic wrap, and ventured outside. I was literally dripping wet after only 3 minutes outside. I went back inside, thinking I had a shot, took off my coat, squeezed quite a bit of water out of my shorts, and looked through my pictures only to realize I didn’t get one that I liked. So, I put my coat back on, wrapped my camera back up, and headed out into the monsoon again. I was outside for around 6 minutes this time, and when I went in I was soaked all the way to my underwear. It was crazy. There was a pool of water where I had come in and out and hung my jacket (and I mean a serious pool).

So I took around 300 pictures of the same thing (on burst mode), trying to get some rain drops, but pretty much failed in all of them. Plus I was shooting at ISO 1000 at f2.5 and 125 and they were still too dark (at 8:00pm if you can imagine that).

This is the only one that I remotely liked. I did like a couple of the pre-storm cloud pictures, and I may upload those at some point as well.

Sorry for the long stories for the past couple days! I hope they are at least somewhat entertaining!

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153/365 – Burst!

I have been wanting to do a bubble picture for the longest time, and finally had a chance to tonight. Pretty much straight out of camera, partly because I don’t have time to do any work on it, and partly because I love it like this.

Tons more to come from this shoot most likely. But it may take a while.