Little Adventures

When I was in Minnesota in the middle of August I was fortunate enough to spend lots of time with my precious nephew. We spent a day together, along with my mom, which involved a walk to a pier for some rock throwing, eating popsicles, throwing plums into the garden, and playing with water. It was a blast to see this little guy constantly on the move, and I made it my goal to photograph our adventures that day.

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I had posted pictures of Whitney for my 365, but while going through old pictures I stumbled on these gems. I so wish I would have brought in a strobe for the two images in the field to really make them pop; you live you learn though. Anyways, meet once again, my beautiful roommate Whitney!

345/365 – Frost Queen

Meet the wonderful Kathryn! When I lived in Minnesota Kathryn was always my model, and we did quite a lot with her. It had been a long long time since we had been able to do a shoot together, and so I knew I wanted to do something over break. I got home yesterday, and she heads out tomorrow, so today was our only chance to see each other. I had in idea in mind for what I wanted to do, unfortunately we ended up chatting for so long we lost all natural light. Luckily she has a pretty bright light on her back porch, so we used that for our shoot. I did her makeup (which is why it isn’t all that great, haha), and she was brave enough to be willing to stand outside in the snow in just a tank top. I may upload a few more later on, but for now, enjoy!

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{I forgot to add my logo, and then decided to change some of the tones, so I have re-uploaded the photograph}

292/365 – Bobble Head

**Thursday, October 28

Last night I took pictures of a classmate for a project of hers. I had the studio checked out until midnight, so Elliot met me there are we messed around with the lights for a bit. It was so so much fun! I had forgotten how much I missed the studio, and missed watching Elliot go crazy, haha. So many laughs and so many cool pictures. More to come most likely, but this was for sure one of my favorites. But, we didn’t get done until after 11:00 and then hadn’t had dinner yet, which took until well after midnight, so needless to say I was too tired to edit/post last night.

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238/365 – Jessica and Jake’s Wedding!

I am back! Thanks to my incredible boyfriend I have CS5 once again, which means I can finally edit the pictures that have been piling up. So, get ready for lots of blog posts over a shot period of time.

On Saturday I shot my first ever wedding! It was for a friend, which was so wonderful, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to shoot my first wedding for. It was such a fun wedding; a nice simple ceremony, beautiful decorations, and such an excellent reception. And we couldn’t have had much better weather. Overall it was a great day, and for being my first wedding I am very happy with most of the pictures!

I am just putting up these two because I still have TONS of editing to do on the rest, and I would like to get those done before posting the rest. But, these are easily two of my favorites.

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I have to say, Jessica is absolutely stunning. She made it difficult to take a bad picture of her that is for sure.

They had decided to do the “early reveal” which was such a great idea. It allowed for such better pictures in my mind. And, they have this awesome barn right behind her parent’s house, which was perfect.

29/52 – I feel it all

I took this such a long time ago, but with my studio project I just didn’t have time to edit or post.

This may be one of my favorite self-portraits that I have ever taken. I can’t even fully explain why. It is mostly just because of the night that I took this I think. I was fairly upset going to take pictures, and I had intended to take some for my project, which failed, and then I went and just sat on this bench and reflected on everything. I came to some pretty important realizations, and fell in love with the location.

The title is from the song “I Feel It All” by Feist. The video is pretty cool, and I have fallen in love with the song.

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Clay & Alex Engagement

I finally got around to editing the engagement session I did back on June 26 with Andrew Kung for Clay and Alex! I am pretty happy with them for being my first ever engagement session.

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UK Arboretum

I am really not a fan of the UK Arboretum. It is severely lacking in so many things. There is one good garden and that is pretty much it. But, it is close, and when I have no other ideas for pictures it is a nice fallback most of the time. Here are some of the other ones from yesterday that I liked.

Here was the full set up, just for fun. Mitch (who I went with) made himself right at home.

And then Mitch had a mini photo shoot, which you can see on my Facebook page under portraits (become a fan!).

And as long as I was in a garden I figured I should probably get some pictures of flowers, which even though that is all I used to photography, I haven’t done in a while, so please excuse the poorly composed and uninteresting pictures.