51/365 – Earrings

Today was the first day of the project that I had absolutely no idea what to do for a picture. For the other 50 days I at least I had some vague idea of what I wanted to shoot, but not today. Then I got a call from a good friend that is moving away for a job in the morning, saying that he was in Lexington for just the night, and the group was hanging out. So of course when I heard that my motivation for a picture went down even more. But, I grabbed my earrings, took a few pictures and went to see friends and then came home to edit. I’m not the happiest with it, but I still have not missed a day yet, which I am pretty happy about. And before getting the call I got an idea for an image that I may try out tomorrow, which is exciting.

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178/365 – The Path to Nowhere…

On Tuesday I went to the UK Arboretum for a quick self-portrait shoot. I am trying to nail down the concept and such for my studio project, so my professor told me to just shoot a ton without lights, and just to keep moving and be natural. So we will see what comes of these. This was the location I shot at, I will upload some self-portraits eventually.