14/365 – Flare

I was really stuck on what to take a picture of tonight. Originally I was going to go for a drive and do a landscape shot, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So then I played around with some different compositions of the pot on my front step. I really love simplicity, and shots that show off the small details of things, so I really enjoy this picture.

224/365 – The Beginning

Well, sadly another kind of lame picture for today. I had a somewhat busy day (which included meeting with the bride of my first wedding that I am shooting!), and just forgot until late that I didn’t have a picture.

Before I left MN my mom broke off this branch of her plant, and wrapped the base in a wet paper towel so that it would grow roots and I could have my own plant. So, for now it is sitting in its future pot waiting to grow roots.

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69/365 – Natural Habitat

I had an absolutely insanely busy day today. I was running errand after errand and trying to pack and watch the University of Kentucky basketball game. It was exhausting. Yet, I still managed to get a shot, which I am pretty happy with! I was pretty proud of myself.

I will most likely be unable to post the rest of the weekend. I will be in NC for Elliot’s brother’s wedding. Have a great weekend!