119/365 – Blue

I feel so stuck on photos lately. I either have no idea what to take a picture of or I have an idea that I can’t get out at all. It is getting frustrating. This was a random thought, and kind of an “eh, I will try it” sort of thing. I am decently happy with how it turned out.

Also, I am in desperate need (ok, it may not be a need, but still) or liquid food coloring. They no longer carry it in my grocery store (or most grocery stores for that matter). All I can find is gel food coloring, which does not work for what I want. Anyone know where I can find it?

79/365 – Pour

This was from Saturday night (it was after midnight, so I am counting it as Sunday’s picture). Me and Elliot were sitting down to watch a movie, and he decided to have some bourbon and coke. He poured the bourbon, and him being the excellent boyfriend that he is told me to get my camera and take some pictures, and then started to pour the coke in. I never would have thought to shoot this, thank goodness I have him around.