100/365 – Giant

This is not what I would have liked for my 100th shot of this project. I was in the studio tonight to try to get some shots for my new series that I am starting up for the semester, and was planning on using something from that. However, between not being able to find equipment, and finding broken piece after broken piece, nothing worked. I got home close to midnight, without a shot, and when I opened my back door to take the trash out I was greeted by this big guy. All I can say is that I am extremely glad he was outside. I can’t even stand to look at this picture for very long.

93/365 – Moleskins

My photo one professor got me hooked on Moleskin notebooks, and since I am started up a new project/series I thought it would be nice to have a blank journal to sketch and write ideas in.

I am really hooked on super simple shots at the moment, perhaps tomorrow I will get push into something else.

91/365 – Shattered

I started shooting for this semester’s project tonight, which brought me to my friend’s storage unit. Her and her husband were reorganizing things and found some broken frames so I grabbed a few pictures after getting my project shots out of the way.

My project (as of now) is focusing on things that hold us back. Things like money, time, possessions, et cetera. So, I would love to hear, what holds you back?

90/365 – Flies

I went on a much needed photo adventure with a friend tonight, and we stumbled on some horses while driving the back roads. This one had flies all over his face, yet the other three that were with him all had the mesh masks on. He was extremely friendly though, and came right up to us for some pictures.

89/365 – The Web

I think this is the earliest I have done my 365 yet this project. It is such a relief having it done this early. And, I love being able to just go out, set things up quick and have everything go extremely smooth, get some good shots, and be done. Such a great feeling to start the day with!