Two Sisters in the Kitchen

Well I am back at it and it is time for another project!

For those of you who have been following my work for a while you may have picked up on the fact that I always seem to want some sort of challenge to take part in. I have previously done a 52 week project (one self-portrait every week), and three 365 projects (one photograph a day for a year). It has been a while since my last project and I was craving something more structured to work on this summer. On top of that I have been wanting to try out a bunch of different recipes, which has led me to this. And so, after talking with Kari, my older sister, we have decided to embark on a recipe challenge for the summer (or longer). Each week we will choose an ingredient and will both find/create a recipe based around it. As often as possible we will choose something that we can find at our local farmers market (for her in Minneapolis, and for me in Manhattan, Kansas). Then we will each post our recipes and photographs of the dish on my new blog ( to share with you all. The link for the site is on the top menu as well.

We still have some things to figure out logistically, so please bear with us as we work out the kinks. Things will probably be shifting around and changing quite a bit over the next few weeks we go. Hopefully you all enjoy, and maybe even feel inspired to try out your own challenge!

1/365 – Camouflaged

Hello again! It has been quite a while since posting here, or at least writing anything in-depth. And the reason for tonight’s post? Here I go again ladies and gentlemen, another 365. I knew I wanted to do another project, but recently I felt like my “photographic vision” was starting to fade and I needed to start pushing myself again. And I feel as though a 52 week project wouldn’t quite be enough for me at the moment.

For this 365 I am going to be setting up certain rules for myself. I honestly haven’t completely decided what these rules will be yet, but I do know that I will be doing at least one self-portrait every single week. Sort of a 365 and 52 week hybrid if you will. I will be figuring out the rest of the rules tonight or tomorrow I suppose, ha.

This evening I finally got the chance to go on a photo adventure. It was the first time in ages I was able to just go out with no destination or specific idea and just shoot. It was so wonderful, and luckily my good friend Danielle was in town long enough to join me. As always we had a hilarious time, and got some awesome shots out of it. More to come from this most likely!

Also, I just shot a wedding on Saturday, so expect pictures from that soon!

Without further ado, here is the first of 365 more pictures from me. Enjoy!

315/365 – Making Wishes

**Saturday, November 20

Yesterday I was working on my printmaking project, which involved using paint markers on tracing paper. I was bored, and procrastinating other work, so I drew a star, and immediately got an idea for a picture. Originally, I was going to hang these in a different way, and I was going to do it outside. But, I had this wire out from teaching on Monday, and I got the idea to hang them using curled wire. It took me so long to finish it all that I didn’t have enough daylight to take the outside, or figure out where I could hang them. So, I decided to just try using the light over my kitchen table. This is by far the most effort I have put into a picture for a long, long time. And for the most part I am pretty happy with how it came out. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, and I may at some point try my original idea, but for now, here are the stars.

Oh, and Whitney and I decided it looked kind of cool so it is going to be left on the light for now, haha.

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284/365 – Holes

Wednesday, October 20

I don’t really like how this turned out, but oh well.

My middle school art class had to do some rearranging of class time because of how small the class that we were teaching in was. So because of that we no longer meet in class, we just have the hour or so of teaching at the middle school. And since we no longer meet in class, we are not creating the weekly art projects that we usually did, and so our professor asked us to do something outside of class. I have always been obsessed with the pieces left over from hole punching, and so I have decided to  do a series of paintings using different colors of those. This requires me to punch out hundreds of little circles though. Whitney has been kind enough to help me, and we have 3 of these sheets on my coffee table so far. We think they look pretty cool and I had an image in my head of them held up to the light, but it didn’t work like it did in my head. So, this is what I ended up with for day 284.

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32/365 – Untitled

Well I decided to post one more from my project, which I will finally go ahead and describe a little.

My project for my studio this summer was a self-portrait project (for those who did not know). The project was focusing on growing up and gaining independence and such. It is a series of self-portraits, that go in a progression from essentially childhood to after college (this image posted here is actually the final image in the series). I am currently in the process of laying out a book for the project, and plan on selling this book once I get it all finished. If interested in purchasing be sure to let me know, it will be a limited edition type of thing so there won’t be many copies available. Or if you would like more information feel free to ask!

30/52 – Untitled

This was from my studio project that I recently wrapped up. I decided I will not be using most of them for my 52 week shots, just this one and one of my other favorites. Then I have one more that I took since I have been in MN and  I will be all caught up on my 52 week pictures!

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205/365 – Tobacco

**Still catching up…

This one was from Monday, August 2. Again, I was on a shoot for my studio project, and we were on a little road right next to a huge tobacco field. Since Kentucky grows so much tobacco I figured it would be appropriate to be in my 365 at some point.

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