66/365 – Duck

*Wednesday, August 3 – Rocky Mountain National Park (Bierstadt Lake)

On Wednesday we decided we needed a short hike and a relaxing day since we were planning on hiking up Longs Peak the next day. We had wanted to go to Bear Lake, but the line for the shuttle to the trail head was extremely long so we thought it would be more enjoyable to go to the less popular Bierstadt Lake. We found a great little spot to sit right next to the lake, and we were able to walk in the water a little bit since there was a little natural beach area. Most of us just sat on the rocks and read, ate some lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and view. This duck swam up to us at one point and I was able to get within feet of her for some pictures. She just went right on preening as if I wasn’t there.

I obviously had pictures of the beautiful scenery and what not, but I wanted to keep my 365 diverse. I don’t want to have a week of landscape shots every single day.

47/365 – Form

After my run at the University of Kentucky Arboretum today I went for a short walk around the main garden with my camera. More flower pictures to come.

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284/365 – Holes

Wednesday, October 20

I don’t really like how this turned out, but oh well.

My middle school art class had to do some rearranging of class time because of how small the class that we were teaching in was. So because of that we no longer meet in class, we just have the hour or so of teaching at the middle school. And since we no longer meet in class, we are not creating the weekly art projects that we usually did, and so our professor asked us to do something outside of class. I have always been obsessed with the pieces left over from hole punching, and so I have decided to  do a series of paintings using different colors of those. This requires me to punch out hundreds of little circles though. Whitney has been kind enough to help me, and we have 3 of these sheets on my coffee table so far. We think they look pretty cool and I had an image in my head of them held up to the light, but it didn’t work like it did in my head. So, this is what I ended up with for day 284.

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141/365 – Floating

I had been wanting to do something hanging from trees from a while, so I am pretty happy that I was able to finally do it and that it turned out. I had such a tough time deciding which one, so there may be more posted later on.

Again, super stuck on a title. So, recommendations would be wonderful.

133/365 – Oh to be young again…

I have been fairly stressed and anxious about the future and things like that lately. I know that I shouldn’t be, because my future is in the hands of the Creator. But it is so hard to completely give up that control. I hadn’t used textures in a while, but decided that it would be appropriate for this picture to give a sense of nostalgia.

119/365 – Blue

I feel so stuck on photos lately. I either have no idea what to take a picture of or I have an idea that I can’t get out at all. It is getting frustrating. This was a random thought, and kind of an “eh, I will try it” sort of thing. I am decently happy with how it turned out.

Also, I am in desperate need (ok, it may not be a need, but still) or liquid food coloring. They no longer carry it in my grocery store (or most grocery stores for that matter). All I can find is gel food coloring, which does not work for what I want. Anyone know where I can find it?