22/366 – Avocado

I was thinking today about the information that I post with my pictures, and I was wondering if I share enough. So I am considering creating a post just where I answer questions that any of you might have. They can be about anything; specific photographs or techniques, my photography in general, my background, anything. If anyone would be interested in this be sure to comment and let me know! Or shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you all!

24/52 – Reflection

Another self-portrait. I have been trying to crank them out lately, for my studio project. Unfortunately I still don’t exactly know how to achieve what I have in my head.

I have decided that the bear is no more though.

I now have a Facebook page for my photography! Become a fan at Abigail Thompson Photography!

162/365 – trying to hold on to my dreams

My parents got into town around 2:00am today. I hadn’t seen them since the end of December so I was so glad that they were able to come. But, it was a very busy day since we decided to take off the nasty wallpaper in the kitchen. Which is why I am uploading this so late.

I always am debating how personal to get on this blog. Part of me feels I should be open and honest about my pictures, but part of me feels I should keep all the personal junk to myself because it isn’t really that important.

This picture kind of has a lot of meaning for me despite being hastily thrown together.