52/366 – Shadows

So much good news today, and such a great day over all. A simple shot like this just felt right.

I hadn’t announced it here on my blog yet, but I will officially be attending Kansas State University in the fall for my MFA! I was able to skype with my future professor this evening, and it made me even more excited to get down there and dive in to the process. I cannot wait!

349/365 – Decorations

Today was so busy that I almost forgot to take a picture. We went to church, and then went to my brother’s house to hang out for a bit and then have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of potato soup, and then continue the tradition of opening one present. My oldest brother got the movie Inception from his wife, and so after opening a present we watched inception and ate apple pie. It was so lovely. I remembered after the movie, as we were getting ready to head home, that I didn’t have a picture, so I took some quick of the lights on the railing. It was a hurried, and somewhat last-minute shot, so by no means is it that great. But, I am trying to finish strong, only fifteen more days after all!

Merry Christmas Eve all!!

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226/365 – Jones Soda

I am not much of a soda drinker (yes, I am a northerner and I say “soda”), but I absolutely love Jones Soda, and every once in a while (like once a year) I buy some. I bought some last night, and while I was driving this evening I got the image of the bottle on Elliot’s deck railing. I drove home from dropping off some photographs for a contest, grabbed my camera, and raced the setting sun to Elliot’s apartment so I could get me shot.

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