48/365 – Green

I went for a short hike today at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. I was originally planning on going for an extremely long hike at the Red River Gorge and so I had packed a lunch and such, but decided last-minute I wanted something a bit more relaxing and a place to just sit and breathe with nothing around so that I could clear my head. I stumbled on this spot, and ate my lunch on some rocks just to the right of this picture. It was a perfect spot and was just what I needed.

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33/365 – Stalker

I went on a super short hike today at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is a fairly large place, with no houses around for a while. I was walking pretty quick because the trails were closing in a half hour, but I looked to the side of the trail and saw this cat. It was so incredibly random! I squatted down, and the cat gradually and reluctantly made his way to me, and once he was all the way he started rubbing on my legs like no other cat has done before. He just kept going in circles around me. Eventually I stood up to take pictures, and every once in a while he would put his front paws all the way up on my thigh. He was extremely friendly, but any sudden movement and noise and he started to move away very quickly.

More pictures to come from my little hike later on.

273/365 – Pure Loveliness.

**Still catching up…but getting there.

Saturday, October 9

This is my wonderful roommate Whitney. All week I knew that I wanted to go on a photo shoot with her on Saturday, and had an idea in mind (loosely, but an idea at least) with a location and everything. So we drove out to Raven Run, and as we were walking up to the nature center we heard someone say that the trails were closing in ten minutes so we couldn’t start a trail. So, luckily there was an open field (which was what I wanted) right by the nature center. It was all really tall grass, which had its fluffy seeds out (technical, I know), and there were a few spots with no grass because of the recent construction there. So we were out there taking some pictures, and picked some of the grass seeds for her to hold, and a guy from the nature center comes walking out (through the field mind you) to tell us that we aren’t supposed to be off of the trail, and we need to get back on the trail and went on about that for a few minutes, and then told us that we weren’t supposed to pick the flowers. So then I got annoyed and kind of frustrated that the trails closed so early and that they wouldn’t let me like 10 feet off of the trail. So we decided to go somewhere else. We headed to the Arboretum, which, after getting stuck in traffic miles out from there I realized that there was a football game that night, so it was take a half hour to go about a mile. I gave up and headed home, and wanted to take some self portraits, so we went in the backyard. I had my camera on the tripod, and at one point went to raise it up using the “crank” and it simply snapped off in my hand. So, overall, not a good day for photo shoots. But, luckily Whitney is beautiful and so easy to take pictures of. And hilarious so we had a blast anyways.

And sorry for the super long story. This is what happens when I post at 1:00 am…I ramble.

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Raven Run Hike

Here are the rest from my mini hike yesterday morning.

There was a random tomb for Archibald Moore.

So if you were to go by all of the above images you would think that all I shot yesterday were vertical pictures. This however is not true. I took lots of horizontal ones, my favorites just  happened to be vertical. But, for good measure, here is a horizontal shot.

267/365 – Feather.

Today was such a good day. I woke up, and called Elliot (and woke him up) and asked if he would like to go on a hike. After making some toast and getting some cleaning done we drove out to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. We found a new path, that was actually more like hiking than the ones we had been on in the past. It led us to a dry stream bed, which we ended up walking down for a while. It was such a needed little trip. I was in desperate need of getting out of the city and enjoying the cool fall weather and taking pictures of things other than household objects. I love so many of the pictures, and I will at some point be uploading a bunch more.

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57/365 – Reflection

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, I just had to be outside taking pictures. Plus I was getting sick of taking pictures of household items. Luckily my good friend Eric agreed to go hiking at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary with me. He was very patient with me as I obsessively took tons of pictures, and as I took a million of him as well. Eric is an excellent singer/song writer, and it always fun to listen to the things that come out of his incredibly creative mind. Tons more to come most likely!

9/52 – Feet

Creative title, I know. But I wasn’t feeling all that creative necessarily this week. My boyfriend and I went on a hike (the same hike as all the moss pictures), and I knew I wanted my self-portrait for the week to be out there. I hadn’t put any thought into it, since the trip itself was very last-minute. We had been walking for a bit and we stumbled on this little frozen stream, and I thought it would be good for a self-portrait. I decided I only wanted my feet in the shot mainly because (as cheesy as it is) my feet are very very important to me. I am a very active person, I play soccer, run, hike, climb, and pretty much anything else that involves being active. So I thought it was fitting for me to have a portrait of my feet. I didn’t do hardly any post-work, I just wanted to keep it simple and “plain” for the week. I hope you enjoy!