330/365 – Circuitry

Today was absolutely awful. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, in terms of getting things set for my senior show, went wrong. First, I had to pay $300 to get my photo printed. After dishing out more money than I currently have to my name, we realized that my print was too big to fit in my car or Elliot’s truck (yes, it is huge.) and so we had to figure out how to get the stupid thing to the gallery. Luckily Elliot’s boss was kind enough to let us use his car to transport it. Once getting it t the gallery we notice that it was very very bowed (it was printed on foam core board), which prevented me from being able to hang it how I originally planned (with it just resting on push pins). Then, 3 more attempts to hang it failed, after numerous trips to and from the gallery. So I am completely clueless as to how I can get this thing to hang from the wall and not look ridiculous, which was supposed to be done by 5:00pm since our show opens tomorrow. I am exhausted, stressed, frustrated, and annoyed, and I still have to deal with it in the morning.

Needless to say I did not want to take a picture. Elliot is working late tonight because they are way backed up, and I knew that if I stayed at home I would just sit in my bed and watch a movie, and not get work done. So he let me come in to work with him so that I actually would get stuff done.

I hope you all had a better Sunday than I did.