97/366 – Ring

I had to get my engagement ring resized and so I was without it for a few days. I got it back today, and was so excited that I couldn’t resist shooting it for today’s picture. I love the color of my succulent, and thought the diamond would look great on it. It is tough to see, which I am a little disappointed about, but I still really love this image.

Oh, and I am finally all caught up on my 366!

90/366 – Engagement

My boyfriend proposed yesterday, for real this time!

He convinced me to go for a ride on his motorcycle despite the threat of rain, and we drove to the spot where we went on our first ride together. It is a little lookout that looks over the Kentucky River, with a stone bench/fence arching around it. He had a friend drive up there before us and put his guitar, a notebook we had been writing letters in and mailing to each other, and some fake rose petals that we had been mailing back and forth as a joke. When we got off the bike he sang one of my favorite songs (called blue eyes, which is perfect since I have blue eyes), and then he had me read a letter that he had written in the book. At the end of the letter it said that I should look up, and when I did, he was on one knee in front of me with the ring in his hands. I said yes of course. And then not long after a photographer friend of ours popped out of the woods across the street where he had been hiding and taking pictures of the whole thing. The rain held out while we were there, but it started up as soon as we finished everything up, and poured on the ride home. I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking, it was so perfect. It still hasn’t entirely set in yet, but I couldn’t be any happier 🙂

39/366 – Fake

Chris, my boyfriend, had joked that he was going to propose to me through mail. He had also joked that he was going to give me a bunch of fake proposals before the real deal. So, he had mailed me an early Valentines day present that I opened today, and inside was this lovely plastic ring with a note that said “will you?”

44/365 – Round

Kind of a lame shot, I know. I got home from studio tonight exhausted because it was around 90 degrees in there. I had some Hershey kisses and they were liquid in about 10 minutes. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops, and still sweating. It was miserable, and left me absolutely no inspiration for a shot today. I was about to give up and use an old shot, but decided to mess around with the glass in front of me instead.

On a side note, I just updated my computer with Snow Leopard, and can no longer properly view my raw photos in preview, iphoto, or quicklook. Anyone know what is going on with that?