244/365 – Remember.

**Catching up…

Friday, 9-10

On Friday UK had a ceremony thing in remembrance of 9/11. They had the lawn area in front of the main building covered with these flags, and starting at the time that the first plane hit, they read off all the names of the victims. It apparently lasted until after 5:00pm or so. I don’t have classes on Friday’s, so I am usually not on campus, but I had to cut a mat and so I was in studio, which isn’t far from where the held the ceremony. I knew I wanted a 9/11 type picture, even though it wasn’t 9/11 yet, and so after cutting the mat (it was close to 6:00pm at this point) I ran up there to try to get some pictures. They were getting close to being done picking up all the flags, so I got there just in time.

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80/365 – Deserted

I had entered into a photo contest at school, and the reception was tonight. I went, and it was the biggest waste of my time ever. They didn’t even have my picture hanging (they did have everyone else’s though). So I was walking out and stopped to take some pictures in the deserted food court.

55/365 – Oranges and Lemons

Creative title I know. I was lacking all sorts of creativity today though. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to take pictures of at all today. But I was craving something fresh (I am basically a fruit addict. I can’t go for very long with out fresh fruit or I go crazy) and so I went to the grocery store and took a few pictures while I was there. I may upload a few, although I don’t really love any of them at the moment