First Stop Motion!!

So forever ago (on day 77) I mentioned I was going to do a stop motion. Well, here it is. My first ever stop motion. My first ever video as well. So, feedback is much much much appreciated, but be gentle hahah. Song is Flim by Aphex Twin (thanks to my friend Brett for suggesting it!).

WordPress will not let me post the video to my blog unless I pay $60 for the year. And so, you will have to watch it on my Flickr account, unfortunately, here:

You could watch it on YouTube, but the quality sucks so I won’t even provide a link.

77/365 – Trim

This is why I love growing grass. I get to cut it and feel productive for a few minutes and feel like I have something new in my house. Plus it just feels cool (yes, I am a strange person). I am hoping to make a stop motion of the pictures I took from this, which I am so so excited about! So keep your eyes out for that (hopefully tonight even).