Outtakes Round Six

It has been a while since I posted any outtakes from my first 365, so I thought I would get on that so I can finish them off. This is the last of them (for my first 365 at least…).

Day 239 – 9/5/10

Day 240 – 9/6/2010

Day 243 – 9/9/2010

Day 258 – 9/24/2010

Day 263 – 9/29/2010

Day 302 – 11/7/2010

Day 319 – 11/24/2010

Day 339 – 12/14/2010

Day 359 – 1/3/2011

365 Outtakes Round 1

I have been going through my 365 pictures to delete bad ones and find good ones that I never posted. It has been a difficult process for certain reasons, but, I am determined to get through it despite everything. I will be posting the pictures over multiple posts (I have only gone through the pictures for the first couple of months so far after all), so enjoy the ride! Oh, and I apologize if some have already been on here before, I can’t remember which pictures I posted to my blog and which ones I didn’t. I am going to try to check but I may have some overlap.

Day 7 – 1/15/10

Day 14 – 1/22/2010

Day 17 – 1/25/2010

Day 20 – 1/28/2010

Day 34 – 2/11/2010

Day 36 – 2/13/2010

Day 51 – 2/28/2010

Day 52 – 3/1/2010

Day 68 – 3/17/2010

287/365 – Bottling Up Fall

Saturday, October 24

I am ready to not be sick. Especially after last night.

I thought of this idea while raking my front yard yesterday afternoon.

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285/365 – Fall Days

I wandered outside this evening to take pictures of the leaves still hanging from my trees, but then looked down and noticed how wonderful my skirt looked with the sun and yellow leaves beneath it. These pictures just make me happy, which I needed.

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And I couldn’t decide so here is the runner-up:

Now I don’t normally do things like this; I usually just keep these things to myself, but I am feeling like I need to do some slight explaining, as well as some venting.

I have been going through some things with my photography lately. First, I have been frustrated with myself that I used to be obsessed (maybe that isn’t the right word, because it was a good thing) with getting my 365 done and posted on time. But lately I just haven’t seemed to care as much about getting it in on time. I still take the picture yes, but more often than not I don’t seem to put all that much effort into it. This project is important to me, so I don’t know why I can’t seem to stay on top of it anymore. However, as of tonight, I am re-dedicating myself to this project. I WILL get my picture posted every night unless something major comes up (that makes me nervous to make that promise…but here we go).

The second big thing that has been frustrating me, is from earlier this week. I was venting to Elliot about how I was just down about photography in general, and he asked me a very simple, but important two questions: “Why do you like photography? Why do you want to take pictures?” And I didn’t (and still don’t) have a good answer, or rather any answer for him. I used to have such a good explanation for why I wanted to be a photographer, but since I have gotten into the more commercial side, with weddings and stuff with my internship, I have seemed to lost sight of why I wanted to become a photographer in the first place. Now I realize that it is inevitable that my vision will change after 5 years of taking pictures, but it makes me sad, and angry, that I don’t have a solid answer as to why I want to take pictures. So, my goal within the next week, is to sit down and write out why I love photography. And I hope that this can get the firing burning inside me again.

271/365 – Shine Through

** Well, I am back to catching up. First, I lost my card reader for a night, which obviously prevented me from posting. Then I had purchased a new hard drive for my computer, and Elliot installed that along with some more RAM, which required reinstalling my operating system, which meant that all my programs were gone, including CS5. And Elliot and I have been pretty busy as of late (who am I kidding, we always are), and so last night was the first chance he had to reinstall CS5 for me. So I am finally able to catch up on all of my pictures (which for the first time in a while I am excited about so many days in a row!). Once again, to reduce the number of posts that I have, I will just upload the extra pictures I like right in each day.

Thursday, October 7

It ended up getting pretty late before I had time to take a picture, and Elliot and I were walking back to his apartment after getting groceries, so I decided to wander around his complex for a picture. This is the fence around the pool and the light there. Maybe not the strongest in terms of composition, but for some reason that I cannot explain, I just love this picture. And for some reason it has a lot of personal meaning to me.

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And here are the other two that were options for the night (you all will be sick of leaves by the time fall is over…sorry, fall is my favorite):