69/365 – Seedy

*Saturday, August 6 – Stillwater, MN

Saturday afternoon I got together with a good friend for lunch. We grabbed some food from the River Market Co-Op (which has really great organic and natural food). I saw this drink there (called Mamma Chia), and thought it looked so strange; I just had to try it. It was actually pretty good. It had a bit of a strange sensation when the slimy seeds hit my mouth though. I don’t even know how to explain it other than bizarre. But I may have become obsessed with it, I already want another bottle.

The Garden

Here are some more shots that I took of my mom’s garden in Minnesota. I absolutely love her garden, and it is always so wonderful to walk around and see the changes that she makes to it in between my trips home. Not to mention how awesome it is to have when I don’t know what to take pictures of.

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166/365 – Field of Gold

I had another self-portrait shoot for my studio project tonight. I am still kind of stuck on what direction to take with it, which is really starting to frustrate me. But, it is getting me to some pretty locations that provide things other than glass and water, so it is a nice change of pace at least.