350/366 – Steam

After being in such a stunning place for the past few days, I was struggling with motivation for today’s 366 now that I am back in Kansas. I got this in my head and decided to go with it, and it ended up turning out much, much better than I had hoped.

And I am all caught up now, which I was not expecting to happen today!


276/365 – Star Fruit

**Catching up..

Tuesday, October 12

A few days before this Elliot and I had gone to the grocery store, and right up front were some star fruits. My mom would buy them occasion when I was a kid, and so I decided I wanted to get one. Plus I thought it would make for a cool picture. It was perhaps slightly too ripe when I actually got around to eating it, but still tasty and fun.

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249/365 – Silly Bands

I am actually posting on time for the first time in such a long time! I am still feeling drained in terms of my 365, and stuck on what to take pictures of these days, so I was wondering around my house and saw my silly bands on my dresser. I figured I might as well since the colors are awesome. My roommate got me all these for free, I love it (I am such a child).

Also, I went to my flickr set for my 365, and noticed that there was one less picture than how I had things numbered, which usually means that I forgot to put one in the set. But this time, I skipped a number a long while back. So now I am going to go through a ton of posts and change the number on them so that it is correct. Joy.

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230/365 – The Magician’s Secret.

I seem to be perpetually a day behind on my project lately. I don’t take a picture until evening, and then I am always doing something at night, which prevents me from having time to edit and post. So I apologize for that, and I will try to do better (but I am not making any promises, it is after all my senior year of college).

This glass bottle was given to me by Whitney (my roommate who has been such an incredible help to my 365 as of late). I told her I was starting a glass collection and she pulled this out for me, I love it! I was trying to think of something to take a picture of and I thought of the bubbly shape of the bottle, and the bubbles I had sitting on the table, and immediately connected them. I recruited the help of both my roommates for this. I had them both blowing bubbles d the glass so I could have a ton, and half unpoppable, half normal.

Yes, I realize it is extremely similar to the bubble pictures I took earlier in the summer, except for the glass bottle. But, I stil like it, so that is good right?

Also, as for the title, I have no clue where it came from. I pulled up the “new post” screen and clicked in the title box, and the first thing to pop into my head was “the magician’s secret.” It means nothing, to me at least. I am not even the least bit interested in magician’s or magic, so who knows how my mind works.

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62/365 – Cut Off

Elliot used to have these HUGE bushes in front of his apartment, which was so nice because it completely blocked him off from the street and made it much more private. But, the other day, he got home from work, and they looked like this. Completely bare, and only as high as my knees (they used to be double my height). They just look so sad and bare. I really liked the colors and shapes in the background of this, so I thought it would be a good shot for today.