43/365 – Alleyway

I left studio tonight at about 8:30 PM finally. It was so incredibly hot in studio, and so it felt beyond wonderful outside (it was still about 42 degrees when I left). I didn’t even want to be in my car I was so hot (I was wearing pants and a t-shirt even). This is right outside my studio building, you have to drive down here and around in order to get out onto the main road. I have always wanted to take a picture here and so as I was driving down I figured tonight would be a good night for it especially since I wanted to be outside so badly. I unfortunately left my tripod at my house, and so most were blurry, but this one I had set on the hood of my car and got lucky with the framing and such.

29/365 – Go On

This is in the building that all of my studios are in. A kid was sawing and drilling away at the doorway of this, and said he was turning it into his space. I had never looked in the door there (it had always been locked), and so I stuck my head in later, and it is just this stairway to who knows where. My studio is such a sketchy place.

Texture is thanks to skeletalmess on Flickr.