296/365 – Retro 7 Up

I found this bottle while at the Peddler’s Mall/Flea Market, where I bought my Brownie Camera. I have a glass collection going at the moment, which so far is all bottles from diffusers or or soda bottles that I like, nothing very cool and definitely nothing remotely old. So needless to say I was very excited when I found this. I have tried to find out what year it is, and all I can really figure is that it is between 1936 (when this slogan campaign was initiated) to the 1960’s. So if anyone knows what year this is from please let me know!

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234/365 – Ready to Bust

This is lame. It was late last night, and I didn’t have a picture, but Whitney came into my room to ask about her soda can. Since I didn’t have anything else I took a picture. I am in such a rut, and it is frustrating me.

But, I do have some exciting news! I had entered into a juried show at a gallery here in Lexington, and found out yesterday that one of my pictures was accepted!! It was the tobacco shot that was my picture for day 206. I just ordered the print, and have to get a frame for it, which is exciting. The reception is September 17 (gallery hop day) from 6-8 at Awesome Inc for all of you lovely Lexington friends who would like to come see it and me!

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226/365 – Jones Soda

I am not much of a soda drinker (yes, I am a northerner and I say “soda”), but I absolutely love Jones Soda, and every once in a while (like once a year) I buy some. I bought some last night, and while I was driving this evening I got the image of the bottle on Elliot’s deck railing. I drove home from dropping off some photographs for a contest, grabbed my camera, and raced the setting sun to Elliot’s apartment so I could get me shot.

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157/365 – Fill Me

I had this orange soda sitting on my counter since the grill out I had for my birthday. I had been saving it for a photo and didn’t have any other ideas for tonight so I figured I would try to do something with it.

Yes, this picture is so similar to many of my others. Grass, glass, and liquid. That is what I do apparently.