43/365 – Rocks

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352/365 – Simplicity

I went out to take some self-portraits tonight, which failed, but while walking into my backyard I notice the long shadows on the snow, and how many colors there were because of the setting sun. I couldn’t resist.

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333/365 – Snow Flake

**Wow I got behind. I will explain the reasoning for each day with each picture.

Wednesday, December 8

Wednesday morning I dropped off my compter to have the plastic replaced. It was cracked on the edges, and there is a guy near Elliot’s work who gets paid by Apple to fix it for free. So I was without my computer until late Thursday night, at which point I didn’t have the energy to edit and post. But, we still had snow covering everything on Wednesday and so I really wanted another picture of it before it all melted. And, the last little covering we got was the fake looking snow, so everything was extra pretty.

141/365 – Floating

I had been wanting to do something hanging from trees from a while, so I am pretty happy that I was able to finally do it and that it turned out. I had such a tough time deciding which one, so there may be more posted later on.

Again, super stuck on a title. So, recommendations would be wonderful.

85/365 – Rush

I decided I needed something other than flowers and spring related stuff for my picture today. I was stumped until I went to do the dishes. I have been wanting to do some splashing pictures for such a long time now, and this was the next best option for the moment. Plus the water was sparkling because of the sun coming in the window.