100/365 – Giant

This is not what I would have liked for my 100th shot of this project. I was in the studio tonight to try to get some shots for my new series that I am starting up for the semester, and was planning on using something from that. However, between not being able to find equipment, and finding broken piece after broken piece, nothing worked. I got home close to midnight, without a shot, and when I opened my back door to take the trash out I was greeted by this big guy. All I can say is that I am extremely glad he was outside. I can’t even stand to look at this picture for very long.

227/365 – Arachnid

These past two days have been somewhat crazy, which is why I haven’t uploaded. Tuesday morning I worked out with Elliot and his friend Kellin, which involved tons of push ups, pull-ups, and P90X abs. Needless to say I cannot move at this point. Yesterday was the first day of classes for me, and even though I only had two classes I was running errands the rest of the day (much like today). So, once again I am catching up. Now that classes are started I need to get settled in my routine and figure out the best time to take pictures, because after my night class does not work so well.

This picture is from Tuesday, while Elliot and I were walking around exploring his apartment complex area. We were in the complex next to his, where they have car ports under their apartments, and we saw this massive spider at the front of one. The wind blew after I took this and the spider curled up a little, so then Elliot blew on it, and it ran away super fast, which I was completely fine with. I better not find one of these anywhere near my house, ever.

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