25/365 – Lexington Legends

What a night! I went to the Lexington Legends game tonight because my friend was proposing and he wanted me to take some pictures. It was such a cute proposal, and I am so glad I got to capture it! Plus, it was an absolutely perfect evening for a baseball game, the weather couldn’t have been better.

348/365 – Ice Tools

My oldest brother and his wife are in town, and I couldn’t be more excited! They both climb a lot, including ice climbing. Kyle (my brother) had heard of a spot not far from our house in MN where we could do some ice climbing. I was so excited because he was going to anchor me to the top so I could take pictures. But, we hiked out there and there wasn’t a single chunk of ice on the cliff. It was fairly disappointing, but we had a nice hike, and went back to the house to play some hockey. Plus, the rest of the day involved an excellent dinner with all of us, some playing of sporcle, and then going to see a Thelonious Monk tribute band in downtown St. Paul. It couldn’t have been better.

Oh, and these are my brother ice climbing tools for those who are curious.

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210/365 – Volleyball

**Still catching up, but I am almost done I promise.

Saturday, August 7. I got to see a couple of my high school friends! I hadn’t seen them in 8 months, and so it was wonderful. For the past couple of summers we have played volleyball on a weekly basis, and this summer since I stayed in Kentucky I have missed out. Luckily we had just enough people to play so that I could get a couple of games in before surgery on Monday.

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