349/365 – Decorations

Today was so busy that I almost forgot to take a picture. We went to church, and then went to my brother’s house to hang out for a bit and then have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of potato soup, and then continue the tradition of opening one present. My oldest brother got the movie Inception from his wife, and so after opening a present we watched inception and ate apple pie. It was so lovely. I remembered after the movie, as we were getting ready to head home, that I didn’t have a picture, so I took some quick of the lights on the railing. It was a hurried, and somewhat last-minute shot, so by no means is it that great. But, I am trying to finish strong, only fifteen more days after all!

Merry Christmas Eve all!!

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174/365 – Reynolds Building

Still playing catch up. I’m going to go ahead and post 3 pictures from Thursday, because I like them all and I don’t want to overload everyone with so many posts.

This is Thursday’s (7-1) picture. I was walking home from work snapping some pictures on the way home. This is my studio building (the Reynolds Building). I really have been pushing and playing with depth of field lately, and I love it.

This is also from my walk back from work, and also part of the Reynolds Building.

After work on Thursday I went to hang out with Manuel. We went out driving trying to find a spot he knew about that would be cool for pictures. After driving for an hour and a half we hadn’t found it, and the sun was starting to set. But I did manage to get this picture while we were trying to figure out which way to go. It isn’t the sharpest but I still like it.

135/365 – Going Down

Elliot and I went to the Red River Gorge today to hike around for a little. It was such a nice break from Lexington and the routine I had going. This was straight out of camera, just converted to jpg from raw. I may go back and edit it later, but it is late and I have class at 8.

43/365 – Alleyway

I left studio tonight at about 8:30 PM finally. It was so incredibly hot in studio, and so it felt beyond wonderful outside (it was still about 42 degrees when I left). I didn’t even want to be in my car I was so hot (I was wearing pants and a t-shirt even). This is right outside my studio building, you have to drive down here and around in order to get out onto the main road. I have always wanted to take a picture here and so as I was driving down I figured tonight would be a good night for it especially since I wanted to be outside so badly. I unfortunately left my tripod at my house, and so most were blurry, but this one I had set on the hood of my car and got lucky with the framing and such.

29/365 – Go On

This is in the building that all of my studios are in. A kid was sawing and drilling away at the doorway of this, and said he was turning it into his space. I had never looked in the door there (it had always been locked), and so I stuck my head in later, and it is just this stairway to who knows where. My studio is such a sketchy place.

Texture is thanks to skeletalmess on Flickr.