59/366 – Candlelight

2/28 – We got a little bit of an ice storm last night, and our power went out as soon as I walked in the door after getting home from work. It ended up being extremely nice having a night off from my computer and electronics in general. If it wasn’t for my 365 I would probably try to make it a regular thing.

54/365 – Storms

I had other plans for my picture today, but then I saw these storm clouds rolling in and I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately it moved a bit too fast and was too close for me to get a good shot of the entire thing like I wanted. A wider lens would have helped out as well, but I still am happy with it.

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51/52 – Bleed

I have had this shot in mind for quite a few weeks, and finally got around to it this weekend. It isn’t quite as relevant as it was when I thought of it, but still is packed with meaning for me.

This may have been the longest it has ever taken to set up one of my pictures too. I had scoped out the location a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t waste time trying to find one. But, once we got on location, I had to find the right angle for the camera, and then the right angle for me to lay down. Once I figured that out, I laid down amidst countless spiders and other creepy crawlies, and my friend attached red yarn to me and the trees around me. It was weird for me to not be the one physically setting up the shot, and I just had to lay there and direct him since I was attached to branches all around. It rained fairly hard twice while I was laying there, and I flicked off quite a few spiders throughout the process.

Overall it was quite the shoot. I wish that the yarn was more visible and obvious, and pulled tighter to prevent the slack, but it is just yet another lesson learned.

329/365 – Piles of Snow

Yes, the past three titles have had snow in them, but I am just so excited about the snow! Especially after today. I woke up this morning, and looked outside without glasses or contacts on (I am basically blind then) and just saw white. So I threw on my glasses and looked outside to see about 2 inches or so of beautiful snow, and tons more coming down. It was so wonderful.

The rest of the day, not so wonderful. Finding out tonight that I needed to spend about $300 to get a picture printed for my senior show (as required by the jury….grrr), which I need by tomorrow afternoon, put me in quite the bad mood. So, at the risk of sounding like a beggar, now more then ever I would love to sell some prints. Message me if you would like to purchase one (or some), it could make a great gift!

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And again I couldn’t decide, so here are the rest.

191/365 – Explosion!

Tonight around 7:30pm the sky turned black. It looked like night outside, except I could see the edge of the cloud, where it was lighter, just past my house. It then got darker, and stayed dark for a while, with lots of thunder. Finally is started raining, and I mean really raining. It was basically coming sideways. But me being who I am NEEDED to go outside in it, so I threw on my rain jacket, wrapped my camera in plastic wrap, and ventured outside. I was literally dripping wet after only 3 minutes outside. I went back inside, thinking I had a shot, took off my coat, squeezed quite a bit of water out of my shorts, and looked through my pictures only to realize I didn’t get one that I liked. So, I put my coat back on, wrapped my camera back up, and headed out into the monsoon again. I was outside for around 6 minutes this time, and when I went in I was soaked all the way to my underwear. It was crazy. There was a pool of water where I had come in and out and hung my jacket (and I mean a serious pool).

So I took around 300 pictures of the same thing (on burst mode), trying to get some rain drops, but pretty much failed in all of them. Plus I was shooting at ISO 1000 at f2.5 and 125 and they were still too dark (at 8:00pm if you can imagine that).

This is the only one that I remotely liked. I did like a couple of the pre-storm cloud pictures, and I may upload those at some point as well.

Sorry for the long stories for the past couple days! I hope they are at least somewhat entertaining!

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