Confession time. I completely forgot to take a picture yesterday, so this is actually from a few days ago when I was trying out my Holga lens on my Nikon. I fell in love with the incredible depth I got in this shot, and the kind of dream like atmosphere. It is SOOC, with the exception of conversion from RAW.

282/366 – Fall Confusion

I ordered a Holga lens for my Nikon last week, and got it in the mail yesterday. I went out shooting with it for the first time for my grad work this afternoon and decided to try out a double exposure with it. This is pretty much SOOC, just a bit of a contrast boost.

For those of you who may not know, a Holga is a cheap, plastic film camera. They have a plastic lens, and are known for their soft focus and heavy vignette. They now make lenses like this that can attach to DSLR cameras. Since my grad work is about Alzheimer’s I thought it would make more sense to be shooting with a lens that distorts and disturbs the images like this instead of getting “perfect” photographs.

On another note…I am finally all caught up.

271/366 – Setting

Holy crud I am behind. I am determined to finish this project at some point though…

*Friday, October 12
Friday I woke up and had a day full of sessions and lectures at SPE in Cincinnati. It was really an informative, great day. That night there was a gallery hop, and the light as we walked around was beautiful. I’m not much of a street photographer, so these were a bit out of my comfort zone, but I really love how this one turned out.Shot with my OM2 on Kodak Gold film.

338/365 – Snowy Nights

**Monday, December 13

We got more snow Sunday night and yesterday, and I am just in heaven (though I wish I could have been back in MN to get the 20 inches they did). I had left my camera at Elliot’s apartment yesterday, and so I knew my picture would have to be taken at night, and I immediately thought of the row of lights on a street near his apartment. So around midnight we bundled up and went on a little walk to the spot in mind and I took some pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay out long because I had my art history paper to write, but I really love the few pictures I got.

298/365 – Rushing By

Wednesday, November 3

It was raining all day yesterday, and as I was driving to Elliot’s for dinner I noticed how great the reflections on the road were. So I made Elliot come with me to take pictures after dinner and such. It was so great, even though a good chunk of my pictures didn’t actually turn out (I wasn’t paying enough attention or being careful enough), and so needed as well.

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156/365 – The Glow

This is from yesterday, but I didn’t get around to uploading it after uploading the other two days. It was taken on Elliot’s street. I am really bummed out that I have to return this lens (a 14-24mm 2.8) today. I have fallen in love with it and don’t want to return it at all.

9/365 – Quiet

I got home from church tonight feeling completely revived, renewed, and just excited about life. It had been raining most of the day, and I always love how my street looks on nights like this. I really enjoy finding beauty in the simple things, and I am coming to realize that it truly comes from the joy my Savior provides, which is causing me to want to burst right now. I do wish that it wasn’t garbage day tomorrow and that those cars weren’t parked there, but oh well, I still like it for the most part. I hope everyone had a great weekend!