148/366 – Surprise

*Saturday, June 2
Saturday afternoon I was surprised with these beauties sent by my fiance 🙂

The sunlight was bouncing off of the glass door behind me, creating the most powerful reflector I have ever experienced, ha.

I ended up getting an insane migraine right after taking this though, and couldn’t stare at my screen long enough to stitch these 8 shots together let alone edit/post. So here they are today.

117/366 – Olympus

The newest member of my camera family. Thanks to my fiance getting it for free from a friend of his. Maybe it is a good thing he doesn’t shoot film…

I haven’t really been able to shoot with it yet. There was a roll of film in it when I got it, but it only had about 5 frames left so I fired them off quick before bringing some other rolls in.

79/366 – Magnolia

Well, I’m back. Finally. I was destroyed by the flu for a week, and couldn’t even think about eating let alone my 366.

I’m not going to bother making up for those pictures, I’m just going to start where I left off and try to pretend like last week didn’t happen. It may be a rough start back though because I still have a ways to go in terms of getting over this.

Anyways, spring is here. It has been so warm out (up until recently I guess) that everything is blooming and green. This magnolia tree is one of my favorite parts of spring at home in MN. I can’t get over how beautiful it is, or how wonderful it smells. It is covered in blooms right now and the sun was stunning on the blossoms so I figured it would make a good image for my return.