Spring Break Day 3

This post will need a bit of background, so I am going to quickly go back to January of this year. At the beginning of January (January 2nd to be exact) I had surgery on my elbow to fix nerve damage there. I had injured it while climbing last spring, and essentially had a pinched nerve for about 8 months. The surgery moved the nerve from the outside of my elbow, where it typically sits, to the inside of my elbow where it is more protected and freed from being pinched.


The day of surgery, shortly after I arrived home.

Since surgery I have obviously been in recovery mode. After lots of physical therapy I felt like I was finally getting back to normal (somewhat at least). I had just started climbing again about a week before our trip, and even though I knew I would have to be extra careful while in Arizona I was still fully expecting to climb almost every day. However, Tuesday morning of our trip (day 3), I woke up in extreme pain. I thought I was taking it easy climbing wise, with only 2 easy routes both days, and yet I could hardly make a fist my arm hurt so bad. The guys were wanting to do a multi-pitch (essentially climbing a route longer than one rope length) on Tuesday, and with the state of my arm I knew I had to take the day off. I went to the base of the climb with them, and hung out in a hammock and read while they were off climbing above me. I shot around a little bit, with my Polaroid and digital camera, but because of the position of the route I wasn’t able to get many shots (or any good ones really) of them climbing.

3177web 3183web 3188web 3191web 3202web 3215web 3226web 3246web 3247webAnd the Polaroids. All of these were shot on my SX-70 with Impossible Project film.

cliff hammockdip treedip


1/366 – Recovering

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m at it again. I had been toying with the idea of starting another 365 (well, a 366 really since it is a leap year) for a month or so, and decided I really wanted to start on January 1st this time around. I am off to a rocky start though, since I barely remembered to get a photograph in today.

I had my wisdom teeth out Friday afternoon, so I am still trying to recover from that. By the time I realized I hadn’t taken a photograph this was about all I could manage. But I figure it sums up my life for the past few days so it will do.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and a great start to 2012!

231/365 – Scarred

Blah. That is how I am feeling and how I feel about this picture.

My knee is taking forever to heal. It is still super swollen (this is the smallest it has been, and it has been 3 weeks since surgery), and is still quite painful. This is the best the scar has looked though, out of the 3 times that it has been cut open. So that is a bonus I guess.

I was just messing around with textures since I couldn’t think of anything else to take a picture of or any other way to edit this.

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212/365 – Surgery

Well I had surgery this morning at 8:00am. I desperately wanted to stay on top of my 365 for a while, and so while they were prepping me for surgery I took a couple of pictures of my IV. And I edited the picture and am writing this while on oxycodone. I have also been editing engagement pictures (from the engagement session forever ago) all day, so those could be interesting. But, I am not supposed to walk much for a couple of days still so editing pictures is what I will be occupying my time with. I apologize if I post a million things in the next few days.

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