70/365 – Tango Sushi

*Sunday, August 7 – Minneapolis

Sunday was the absolutely¬†perfect day; it couldn’t get any better. I met with a group of my really good friends and we headed to Uptown in Minneapolis for the Uptown Art Fair. We walked around there for quite a while. Luckily my friend Alec was with, since he is just about as interested in art as I am. We would walk from booth to booth in awe of everything we were seeing. We chatted it up with a few of the artists that were in their booths to learn about their processes too, it was so interesting to hear from some of them. Then we walked to Tango Sushi for some lunch. The picture is actually of my friend’s sushi, since I just split some pork dumplings with another friend. After sushi we walked down to Lake Calhoun and rented kayaks. We first kayaked over to a small beach to swim for a few minutes, and then continued kayaking through the lakes that are all connected in that area. After kayaking we drove to Sebastian Joe’s for some incredible handmade ice cream. It was quite possibly the best ice cream I have ever had (and I have had a lot of ice cream). Everything is made right there in the shop, and they use all fresh ingredients. So my raspberry chocolate chip ice cream had fresh chunks of raspberries in it; talk about amazing.

I am not the happiest with my pictures from Sunday, but the day was so amazing that I really don’t mind all that much.

And just because it was so incredible, here is my ice cream. Thanks to my friend Blair for holding it for me while I snapped some pictures.