183/366 – Leo’s

*Saturday, July 7
Saturday we had yet another dream day. We biked to downtown Stillwater, walked around for a while, then ate lunch at my favorite place in Stillwater. Well, he ate lunch, I had a chocolate raspberry malt.
Also, Saturday marked the half-way point in this project. Crazy.

93/366 – Hidden

Sunday, April 8
After church on Sunday we had some time to kill before heading to lunch with his family. We ended up wandering around the UK arboretum for a bit since it was so nice out.

Oh, and my scanner did something weird to this one so I will probably re-scan it. I just wanted to get it uploaded.


45/366 – Analogue Sunrise winter

It had been quite a while since I had spread any Analogue Sunrise stickers, and I felt like Analogue Sunrise needed to get out and experience what little snow we have 🙂

I think I bent the polaroid when I was tossing it in my bag which is part of why it didn’t develop all the way. Plus it was cold which doesn’t help.