18/366 – Antiques

I went to a bunch of shops around downtown Stillwater this afternoon with a good friend looking for paintings for him. We stopped in a couple of the antique stores, and were of course overwhelmed by everything there. I got so caught up looking around I almost completely forgot to take pictures.

12/366 – Tea

I had a much different idea planned for today, but by the time I had a chance it was a bit too dark out. So I resorted to this instead. It is fitting though since we had such a frigid day here in Minnesota. Next time the temperature drops below zero though I will be out there experimenting with my original idea.

303/365 – Paper writing setup

Today has been insanely busy, and I totally forgot/didn’t have time to take a picture until just now, at 1 am. I am currently writing a paper that is due tomorrow, and will be working on it for a while still, so this is all I could manage for a picture today. Lame, yes, but it is a real documentation of my life tonight.