Well, I started growing grass once again this spring. I just love how much it brightens things up. Unfortunately, the grass seed I bought this time is not nearly as pretty or lush as the stuff from last year. It does grow faster though, it has only been up for 3 days or so and it already needed a cut.

First Stop Motion!!

So forever ago (on day 77) I mentioned I was going to do a stop motion. Well, here it is. My first ever stop motion. My first ever video as well. So, feedback is much much much appreciated, but be gentle hahah. Song is Flim by Aphex Twin (thanks to my friend Brett for suggesting it!).

WordPress will not let me post the video to my blog unless I pay $60 for the year. And so, you will have to watch it on my Flickr account, unfortunately, here:

You could watch it on YouTube, but the quality sucks so I won’t even provide a link.

23/365 – Warmth

A couple of random tidbits about this image:

I so enjoy the house I live in mostly because of the huge amount of light that comes through the big kitchen windows in the afternoon. It is just beautiful, I love it.

I had to go to Goodwill for school a week ago, and I found these little tins while there, and I couldn’t resist buying them. Hopefully soon I will get some grass growing in them, I am very excited about it (I get excited about tiny things).

And lastly, this picture just makes me so happy for some reason. Part of it is the warm and bright sunlight. Part of it is the blue colors. I’m not completely sure, but when I look at it, it just relaxes and calms me. Again, it is the simple things that make me happy.