The more I photograph, the more I realize that I am drawn to very intimate spaces. Grand spaces generally don’t intrigue me nearly as much, at least in terms of my photography. I also have the tendency to be drawn back to the same space over and over, witnessing how it changes depending on the light or the passage of time. These images are random ones from the past month or so, of various spaces that you may have seen before, but perhaps under different conditions. Some are just brief moments that I photographed in an attempt to hold on to them in my mind; I found them significant in some way at the time, and wanted that moment to stick.

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And, meet Gwynn, who lives in my studio. The plant’s growth is explosive; these image were shot just a few weeks apart. I plan to keep documenting the growth, but it is slowly (or not so slowly) taking over my studio I think.


As a bit of a teaser for you all, I just returned from a trip to New York City, so images from that trip will be up in the (hopefully) near future. Also, more moments of light are on their way. Happy Monday everyone!

256/365 – Things…

Time for another edition of “things around my house.” This whole “getting dark early” thing is making my 365 lame. I don’t get out of class until after dark, but it is still too bright for any pictures that I have in my head (or would like) before class. It is quite the dilema. So tonight I was telling Whitney (my roommate) that I was just going to take a picture of the thing I made in class (the bottle with the purple ribbon and “wings” coming off of it; i made it in my middle school art ed class), and she said, “you should just put a bunch of junk around it.” So she started piling a bunch of random stuff in the kitchen around it and told me it was like the Eye Spy books. So, I apologize; hopefully tomorrow you will get to see something interesting and fun for the first time in forever.

I am slowly getting through the wedding pictures though, so in the next few days I wil have a bunch of those!

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