54/365 – Storms

I had other plans for my picture today, but then I saw these storm clouds rolling in and I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately it moved a bit too fast and was too close for me to get a good shot of the entire thing like I wanted. A wider lens would have helped out as well, but I still am happy with it.

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191/365 – Explosion!

Tonight around 7:30pm the sky turned black. It looked like night outside, except I could see the edge of the cloud, where it was lighter, just past my house. It then got darker, and stayed dark for a while, with lots of thunder. Finally is started raining, and I mean really raining. It was basically coming sideways. But me being who I am NEEDED to go outside in it, so I threw on my rain jacket, wrapped my camera in plastic wrap, and ventured outside. I was literally dripping wet after only 3 minutes outside. I went back inside, thinking I had a shot, took off my coat, squeezed quite a bit of water out of my shorts, and looked through my pictures only to realize I didn’t get one that I liked. So, I put my coat back on, wrapped my camera back up, and headed out into the monsoon again. I was outside for around 6 minutes this time, and when I went in I was soaked all the way to my underwear. It was crazy. There was a pool of water where I had come in and out and hung my jacket (and I mean a serious pool).

So I took around 300 pictures of the same thing (on burst mode), trying to get some rain drops, but pretty much failed in all of them. Plus I was shooting at ISO 1000 at f2.5 and 125 and they were still too dark (at 8:00pm if you can imagine that).

This is the only one that I remotely liked. I did like a couple of the pre-storm cloud pictures, and I may upload those at some point as well.

Sorry for the long stories for the past couple days! I hope they are at least somewhat entertaining!

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