151/365 – Wheel

This is my neighbors RV. It is parked in between our houses, and is quite the busted up thing. But, it looks interesting in photographs so I can’t complain much.

I decided today that I miss film and black and white, so I decided to process this in black and white. I just wish I could get my scanner to work so that I could post some of my film pictures on here as well.

48/365 – Tread

The weather here is just insane. We had 60 degrees on Sunday, and now it is 20 degrees and we got 2-3 inches of snow over night. I’m not complaining too much because public schools were cancelled so I was able to sleep a little longer and have the day off, and I love the snow. I couldn’t decide which one liked better, so I thought I would post both. I am leaning towards the top one at the moment (it is my “official” 365 for today).

32/365 – Tracks

It snowed a couple of inches last night, and then rained this morning, so all the snow turned into a heavy slush. Now tonight it is freezing and becoming solid sheets of ice. On the plus side, public schools were cancelled, as was my class tonight, and so I had the day completely free. I managed to catch up on some cleaning and was able to take a picture before ten o’clock at night!