60/366 – Reading

I had such an incredibly long day at work today, most of which was spent trying to console a miserably sick 18 month old. And I am not feeling so great myself, so this was all I could bring myself to do for my picture today.

And now I’m going to go curl up and dive in to this book.

173/365 – Homework.

Goodness I am behind on pictures. I have taken pictures every day, but have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post them.

This was from Wednesday (6-30). I was running errands all day, and then played soccer for almost 4 hours. We got done playing around 9:00pm, and after I was dead. I was at Elliot’s house, and collapsed on his bed with no energy, but hadn’t taken a picture yet. He was sitting at his desk doing homework, and so I just laid there and took pictures for a few minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of this, but I don’t hate it, so there’s that.

109/365 – Many Mini

I just finished all my stuff that is due tomorrow. Now that I am thinking about it, I might as well have just waited until tomorrow to upload this, but it is the principle of it all, and I feel better knowing it is done (I am crazy, I am aware).

I was walking home from work today and was just kind of taking pictures as I saw things. These little were growing at the edge of the parking lot by where I work. There was one other similar one that I could not decided between for the life of me, so I picked the lowest number. I may upload the other one as well…

50/365 – Post

I have been slaving away in studio all day (and will be going back in a bit, for the rest of the night) and didn’t have a chance or will power to take a picture so this is from a few days ago. I am just beyond exhausted and not even near half way done on my projects, so tomorrow will probably be an old shot too. It makes me sad, I really wanted my 50th shot to be a really good one. But, my first cheat of the project, so that is pretty good right?