211/365 – Minneapolis Greenway

**All caught up! For now at least. I have surgery tomorrow morning so I don’t know what all I will be able to do afterwards. I may not even be able to get a picture, but I am going to try my best.

Today was such a perfect day. I drove to my sister and brother-in-law’s house in Minneapolis, and we hopped on our bikes and headed down the greenway to the Uptown Art Fair.

The Greenway is such an awesome thing. It is basically like a highway for bikers and walkers. it is goes through the entire city, and most of the time is down below the road (like this picture). There are even exits off of the bike path to the main roads, it is so funny. And a couple of businesses have started beautiful gardens along the greenway, so it is very pretty. It certainly made me fall in love with Minneapolis, even though I had been there numerous times.

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205/365 – Tobacco

**Still catching up…

This one was from Monday, August 2. Again, I was on a shoot for my studio project, and we were on a little road right next to a huge tobacco field. Since Kentucky grows so much tobacco I figured it would be appropriate to be in my 365 at some point.

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